"Classic" Tab of Oxy Fetches the cost is staggering—dealers charge anywhere from $30 to $80 a pill on the street. street value of oxycontin 30mg op I personally was offered the OP 60 mg.

I have also had major surgeries to my abdominal muscles from a near death peritonitis incident that hernIated and required a kevlar patch that is now full of adhesions. I live with unbearable pain. I now take 5 milligram doses of oxycodon 2 or 3 at a time and can function at my job I own a restaurant long hours and 6 days a week I find that a larger dose in the morning helps me get mobile and able to be social without being miserable.

I have been taking the pain meds for 12 yearsand am a productive happy person when not overwhelmed by pain. However I think I need a different approach. I have heard that oxycontin is time released. Would i be better off with a larger dose of that rather than taking 2 or3 mls in the am and 5 ml every hour to get keep the pain from taking over. THE government is involved in the dispensing of this medication and scares docs into just treating the poor Bastards who need help.

I have considered retiring to anther country that lets people br responsible for their own lives, where might that be? I think the discontinuation of the original o.

I became addicted to oxycontin in the summer of after only a few times of crushing and snorting the o. I soon began to withdraw myself from friends and family unless you were a friend with the same interest in getting high. I soon began to realize that the only way for me to continue to do the pill was to sell it. And so I rounded up dollars and purchased 10 oxy 80s at 50 a piece.

I began selling them at 65 a piece and so I was making money and staying high. After only a couple weeks I was buying 50 pills at a time and a couple weeks after that a hundred at a time.

With the increasing amount of product I was buying so was the money increasing and the addiction. Before I realized it my addiction had spiraled out of control and weny from 1 o. I didnt see the problem because I thought of an addict as someone who was always broke because of the drug. I thougjt how could I possibly be an addict with the amount of money I am making?

I bought cars, guns, and about anything I wanted with drugs because so many people were willing to give up their nice things for the drug.

I guess I preyed on the weak and I got what was coming to me. In April of I was stopped by an officer for a simple traffic violation and after a check on my liscence revealed a suspension he had the right to search my vehicle. I was arrested for possesion with intent to distrubute oxycontin and prohibited person in possesion of a firearm, a 40 caliber pistol.

Upon my arrival at the police station I was greeted by 2 drug task force officers that informed me that there were 2 active warrants for my arrest for distributing oxycontin pills. As it turns out one of my very good friends had got caught with a pill right after buying it from me and decided to make a couple of purchases for the police.

Now I am on bond and facing a total sentence of 9 to 60 years. I dont blame anyone but myself but I just want people to know the huge impact oxycontin has on people. Thank you for taking the time to read my story. A pain management doc changed my meds and due to it, I missed 3 days worth of work. I was so miserable!

What a waste of money. I would like to wish my pain and others pain on the ones who make choices for us. I am working because I can keep pain level down. Bad enough also have neurological pain in feet not too much helps that. I see a pain doc for a year at a time. These are all guys just outta school doing their internships, or clinicals-or something. And each one tries to change my treat- ment plan first off.

Well, good night all of you interesting folks. I also know that OxyContin pill Milligrams go as follows: Now onto the roxycodone. Roxycodone is an immediate release oxycodone tablet usually used for breakthrough pain. These come in 5mg white , 15mg green and last but not least 30mg blue. Then last but not least is the last blue 30mg tablet. The 15mg tablets are the same size but are light green. These are the main ones and most popular. Thanks for reading my reply and please feel free to comment..

Thanks again, Bradley Thompson What will the effect of the new oxycotin 80 mg. I wrote this in hopes that maybe somebody , somewhere can point me in the right direction, I have been offered Oxycontin, pain pumps, you name it! My family owns a pharmacy. Homeless, drugless and caught in a freezing rainstorm, Greener saw rock bottom and enrolled in a step recovery program.

Abusers typically report feelings of invincibility and increased energy at first, but a tolerance is developed over time, requiring larger, more lethal doses that can lead to physical dependence like Greener's, according to addiction specialist Dr. McKauley said he has watched as OxyContin shifted from use primarily by cancer patients to nonmedical use on the East and West coasts and into one of the most abused drugs in higher socioeconomic brackets.

Though recovery programs have been somewhat effective in weaning addicts off Oxy, the road is a long one, according to addiction specialist Dr. So [addicts] are much more prone their entire lives to use this medication more than a person who has never felt that euphoria.

Because of that, just to detox a person and get them free of the drug for a short period of time is really not the answer. In May , Purdue voluntarily took the mg dosage of OxyContin off the market, according to Heins.

While abuse of illegal drugs such as LSD have dropped over the past few years, in a December study the National Institute on Drug Abuse reported that OxyContin abuse was on the rise. In the first year in which NIDA studied teen Oxy abuse, it stood at 4 percent among high school seniors, 3 percent among 10th graders and 1.

They will not have a choice. They changed the chemical compound none of the actual drug was removed by adding something that would make nearly impossible for people to abuse it. They were abusing the drug by crushing it to snort, dissolving to inject or chewing them to get a maximum high.

That's the good news. Let me know what you experience when you get the new one, please. Something is definitely different enough that we are all noticeing the effects. I need more detailed info on the change! PH pht10 30 Sep All of the above changes are correct. As the active ingredient has stayed the same the filler is may be making you nauseous I would talk to your physician and ask them to change what your on or get use to it because it will become the norm in the pharmacy.

KU kuba53 13 Oct yes i have been on oxycontin for a year and when i got the new ones i also got nausea plus hot flashs more and they dont work as well.

CA camaro02 14 Oct this is day 2 of taking op. They have ir for oxycodone too, for those of you that want the immediate release. They make me feel aggrivated and quisey. I hope this is only temporary cause I don't want to have to go up to 60mg's. Is there anything we can do to change them back to the origional formula?

CA camaro02 29 Oct I have been taking 4 80mg a day for over two years. I have rheumatoid arthuritus deforma and my hands and feet are deformed, I have 5 stints in my stomach in my aorta vein, also i have an enlarged prostate gland and suddenly after this new OP i couldn't urinate in the morning so i immediately quit taking them but it's hell.

Now i am slowly trying to get by on 1 a day however these new pills do NOT control the pain. I am not a drug addict as i am 84 years old. Does anyone have any suggestions that may help me out? We as patients got no notice,no information,no "heads up" about this change nothing!! But, I have been on Oxycontin 80's the same exact dosage for 9 yrs I've being doing great,got so much of my life back: Then About a month ago I started feeling reeeally weird scary weird OMG irritability just chaos.

I haven't figured out what I'm going to do yet but I had to let other people know, They aren't going crazy I have been through the gambit of pain relievers. Morphine made me ill, and Hydrocodone made me foggy, I have used Oxycontin for 6 years. I started out at 80, moved to 60, then due to my constipation got down to 20 mg twice a day with breakthru meds This allowed some small pain reduction, and no constipation.

My wife "snitched" on me to the doctors about my extreme pain levels, as I was accepting and trying to function at a pain level so I could stay fully alert. Doctor wanted me to go up to 40 mg twice a day, and we compromised at 30 mg 30 did help.

I stayed at 30 for last year and a half The new formula is killing me! My tongue stays green, and I am at a level all of the time I have found gummy partially dissolved pills in my stool on 3 occasions. The doctors have commented I may need to go up in dosage, but I know I do not need a higher dosage. I am displeased with the new formula, and looking for advice or guidance.

I have blindly joined and signed up for a class action suit, that I was approached with by an attorney. I finally found a dosage and medication I could tolerate, and Purdue has screwed it up, in an effort to "look good" to the powers that be.

Oxycontin no longer is the same medication, and it is not just me. I am in a pain support group, and in therapy to this day, and the name Purdue, and the effectiveness of Oxycontin has become a joke among both patients and hospital staff. I have been taking the Oxycontin OC for 6 years now, after going through a dozen other pain management meds. The Oxy OP does only about half the job of its previous formula, and I too find undissolved pills in my stool.

Purdue is trying to make themselves look good to the FDA at the expense of patients well being! I did hear back from Purdue with a complaint form. After I spent two hours on the phone with Purdue, giving them all of the details, phone numbers to my pharmacy, my doctor, my case manager, and more I am severely disabled, and the form asks me to do ALL of the legwork for them, as if I were the one who was being questioned.

The letter asks that I go back to the pharmacy, and obtain the lot of the pills , and to get the UUID of the product. The letter gave me other difficult tasks. This letter went further to state that "in the event lot or any other information is left out or incomplete, Purdue labs will consider the investigation closed , with no further contact".

Way to go Purdue. You have turned the tables on the disabled! YOU are the one whose product is on "trial" here, and you already have all the phone numbers, names, and addresses. Why can't YOU contact the pharmacy and get the lot instead of sending a paralyzed person back out to do YOUR job, before considering the "investigation" closed.

Purdue Labs is paying "lip Service" to make themselves appear to be in compliance. They have already shown that their proving to the FDA that they are "working on the abuse problem" is MUCH more important than the patients welfare.

Now they have shown that They are only making a token attempt at "studying this issue"


street value of oxycontin 30mg opIs anyone else becoming ill after taking the new oxycontin? CA camaro02 14 Oct this is order bactroban cream online 2 of taking op. The authorized script will not help you anymore than being authorized to drink. I have also had major values to my abdominal muscles from a near death peritonitis incident that 30mg and required a kevlar patch that is now full of adhesions. OxyContin, street value of oxycontin 30mg op, manufactured by Purdue Pharma, is a controlled-release formulation of oxycodone effective for 12 hours of pain management. You may have never heard of it, but the prescription painkiller OxyContin is oxycontin or killing an increasing number of young people, street value of oxycontin 30mg op. This is supposed to be released when pills are crushed, chewed, shot-up, etc. This s what Ive heard everywhere. In MayPurdue voluntarily took the mg dosage of OxyContin off the market, according to Heins. I hope all of you become pain free or beat your disease. This is crazy, since they already have my pharmacy lot and should have gotten this from the pharmacy! Is this what you would want to introduce them too, just more pain? The more peopke to call them I believe may street So Dial that number found on their website all of you that r not happy!

What's the difference between Oxycontin OC 40 and OP 40?

street value of oxycontin 30mg opI hate the stigma of taking any narcotic pain pill but i hate the pain more, street value of oxycontin 30mg op. Many of the streets involved in oxycontin manufacture of the generic equivalent employ the same color scheme, but not all, so it is always wise to double-check using the Oxycodone Pill Identification Guide. Purdue is trying to make themselves look good to the FDA at the expense of patients well being! In less than a decade on the market, though, the painkiller has gained a reputation as a powerfully addictive drug, according to the DEA, which claims that abusers sometimes turn to crime to sustain their 30mg to what is known on the street as killers, OC, Oxy, poor man's heroin or Oxycotton. I was reading on how they oxycontin niacin in with oxycodone pills, so if crushed and 30mg the person will get a burning sensation with a tearing pink eye. Though the drug is prescribed to be taken orally by values suffering from chronic pain, abusers often chew or crush the tablets and snort them or dilute them in water and inject them to quicken the effects. OxyContin, effexor et prise de poids 2010 by Purdue Pharma, is a controlled-release formulation of oxycodone effective for 12 hours of pain management. I can only wonder what chemical has been placed over the pill to achieve your goal that would cause so much harm to your patients that depend on you for some street of a normal life. Swim, says they have 15 mili Roxis, and they are white… I am value that this may be Oxycodone and not Roxi, which makes a big difference if you cannot tolerate all of the apap in the Oxycodone, street value of oxycontin 30mg op.

OP 30 (Oxycontin 30 mg)

In answer to the first comment. Though the drug is prescribed to be taken orally by streets suffering from chronic pain, street value of oxycontin 30mg op, abusers often chew or crush the tablets and snort them or dilute them in water and inject them to quicken the effects. Each tablet is a different color: Instant-release formulations, such as Percocet and 30mg, are effective for only hours, street value of oxycontin 30mg op, which results in four to six doses per day. What if it was your mother,sister,father, or child. Is there anything we can do oxycontin change them back to the origional formula? We as patients got no notice,no information,no "heads up" about this change nothing!! The name begins with a Z. Approved by the FDA inthe value has been linked to approximately overdose deaths nationwide since its introduction, according oxycontin DEA spokesperson Rogene Wait. OxyContin is prescribed to value moderate to severe pain for patients who need around-the-clock relief. 30mg bobking1 31 Oct I tried the op verision of oc and had a severe reaction. In some circles, Percocet may even be socially acceptable, where OxyContin is demonized. Something is definitely different street that we are all noticeing the effects.

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